This is a free tool to build your foreign language vocabulary.

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Wort-Fee (in English Word-Fairy) helps you learn the most commonly used words in English, German and Hungarian. This service is free of charge and you can use it as a "guest" without registration with "Guest Login".
After selecting the language and level (number of words), you will be asked a question in the first selected language and six possible answers in the second selected language. One of the six answers is correct. The Word-Fairy shows you immediately whether your answer was correct or not. The correct answers are counted and you must answer each word correctly at least five times to complete a level.
The first language you choose should be the one you are learning. The words are queried in this language. The second language chosen must be a known language, the possible answers are given in this language. For some words there are pictures that will help you answer.
If there is no response for more than 15 minutes, you have to log in again. In this case you lose the previous result. When you have successfully completed a level, you will be added to the guest list.

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